Winter in the Barn

Keeping our promise to Wild Goat to not have snow on her decks again she spent the 2018 winter in the barn at Jefferson Beach Marina. If you have never seen a barn full of boats it’s a sight to see and I’m glad that I am not the one responsible for getting all the boats to fit.

Wild Goat was in amazing condition when we purchased her from Ron and Jackie. They had added solar, dinghy davits, refrigeration, refinished all the wood work below deck and replaced the standing rigging. Not having to worry about any of these big items gave us the opportunity to make some “nice to have” upgrades to WG and since she was in the barn this gave Robin and I about 5 months to work on our projects. The project list was long and we managed to get most of checked off the list before we went back in the water.

  • New Ports
  • Striped and refinished wood on the deck
  • Added AIS
  • TV Antenna
  • Water and Waste Tank Level Gauges
  • Battery Monitor
  • Sails cleaned and inspected

Getting all of the things above done along with cleaning, polishing and waxing the hull surprisingly enough took us most of the 5 months that WG was in the barn. Finally, on May 11th WG was launched!

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