June – Garage Sale (so much stuff!) and Surgery (not me this time)

My last day of work was Friday, May 24th. After working at Henry Ford Health System for 19 years all in the same department I have to admit there was a lot of tears as I turned in my badge and keys. (So many people that I miss but I’m not going to lie, I don’t miss getting up at 4:00am for work everyday)

Having May 24th as my last day of work this gave me about two weeks to get ready for the garage sale that was June 6th, 7th and 8th. No problem, how hard it could it be? Robin and I had been working for the last year on downsizing so this would just be the final push. Wrong! I had no idea just how much STUFF there was still to address. With the help from Robin, Karen, and my Mom, we got thru a huge amount and were as ready as we could be for the sale. Since the sale was happening at my parents house we rented a U haul to get everything over in one load and the truck was full.

The garage sale was a HUGE success and we cleaned out almost everything, put $1800 in the cruising budget, and were lucky enough to have a church come and pick up everything that did not sell so nothing came back to our condo!

During the time we were getting ready for the garage sale Robin started experiencing severe pain in his neck, this is was not something new but this time the pain would not go away. This time the pain was different and he noticed that he was loosing strength in his left arm. On June 5th we finally saw Dr. Abdulhak @ Henry Ford Hospital and after reviewing his MRI the only solution was surgery. The disc at C3-C4 was pressing on the spinal cord and needed to go. Talking with Dr. Abdulhak about our plans, surgery was scheduled for June 19th! Robin ended up having a Disc Replacement and from start to finish Robin was in the hospital for a total of 30 hours! No brace, no physical therapy just heal 2 week follow-up for the surgical sight, and then follow up Dr. Abdulhak on July 30th. Robin was scheduled to retire on June 28th so he spent the last 8 days of his career on sick leave.

And if the end of May and June were not crazy enough already our friend Bernie who was purchasing our condo moved in with us the weekend of May 24th!

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