July – Cleared to Sail, Cleo and finally the correct Windless

And just like that it was July. While we waited for Robin’s appointment at the end of the month with Dr. Abdulhak the work continued. Boat work, house work and oh, so much work.

One of the projects included on the “boat work” list was installing a windless. (moves the anchor up and down so I don’t have to do it by hand) Robin spent many hours, sent many emails and sadly the windless that arrived at our door after waiting for 6 weeks was wrong. Few more emails and maybe a phone call or two and the correct windless was ordered again and this time the correct one arrived. Not sure I have have ever been so excited to see a “boat part” ! Installing was a challenge but Robin did an amazing job!!

With a huge item off the “boat work” list we finally felt like we were getting closer to launch date and things were settling down after months of craziness.

And then the unexpected hit us again…. Cleo

Cleo showed up on our deck about 5 years ago and after months of trying to find her a home she came to live with us. Cleo took over the house and made it quite clear when she liked you and if she didn’t! We noticed that Cleo was just not her “sassy” self and after testing we found out that she was in kidney failure. With not many options and not wanting Cleo to suffer we came to the decision that it was time to let her go. Cleo came with a whole lot of attitude but a whole lot of love and as we now it’s never easy to let go of our “furry” family.

Thankfully, the follow up appointment with Dr. Abdulhak came and went with no surprises and with the good news we had hoped. Robin was cleared and ready to sail! No need for physical therapy or any other appointments!

Bring on August and let’s get Wild Goat off the dock!