Wild Goat is off the Dock!

September 27th, 2019 we were off the dock, waving goodbye to my parents as we motored out of Jefferson Beach Marina and headed south down the Detroit River.

Our first day out turned out to be only a couple of hours and just a short distance to Wyandotte but we did it! We left the dock and started our trip.

The first couple days were really just a blur as we worked to find our rhythm in out new home and lifestyle. Our next goal was to get to the Erie Canal and transit our way thru before it closed on October 15th.

A couple of stops later and an overnight sail across Lake Erie we arrived in Buffalo, New York just as the weather turned from foggy to a full night of rain. The next morning we had a small window of dry weather and used the time to take down the sails and get ready to have the mast taken down at our next stop of Tonawanda, New York.

Let’s hope we have given ourselves enough time to transit the Erie Canal.

September, seriously?

August came and went so fast that our heads were spinning. Days filled with lunches, dinners and doctor appointments that when we finally came up for air it was September.

We had finally figured out that we would not be taking a “shake down” trip before leaving the docks for good. Making this decision did relieve some pressure of getting everything completed but at the same time added some concern, would all the new equipment be ready for a trip? Sadly, the need for more time with the to-do list was gone and we had fingers crossed everything would be fine.

As we inched closer to the end of September the Captain (Robin) finally said that we had to stop making plans off the boat and concentrate on making the move. We scheduled our “Open Boat” for friends and family to meet Wild Goat, made plans for our last trip to Clearwater to deliver items/car and fly back. On September 13 we moved onto Wild Goat for good, staying on the dock at Jefferson Beach Marina until the last details were done!

The last two weeks of September were a blur! Our “Open Boat” was AMAZING! Over two days friends and family came to meet Wild Goat and the love and support that we received from everyone was overwhelming. I do wonder sometimes how did we get so lucky?

Baxter moved in with Grandma and Grandpa and I’m not sure who was happier, Baxter or my parents! We made our trip to Florida and returned to Michigan on September 21st and knocked out a few more projects.

Finally! On Friday, September 27th we turned in my lease car, got a ride to the marina from my parents and left the dock!

After 5 years of planning and leaving almost 3 months later than expected Wild Goat headed south!

August – Baxter in Quarantine and the Condo is SOLD!

How did we get to August and we’re still on the dock? As in the previous months August was no exception when it came to hitting us with unexpected issues!

Just as we thought we were getting closer to getting off the dock for at least a week to make sure everything was running properly on the boat we had another set back. This time it was Baxter’s turn.

Before Baxter moved in with my parents i wanted to make sure we got him into the vet for his yearly thyroid check (he had hypothyroidism and was treated with Radioactive Iodine and he was cured, only followup now is to make sure he levels are checked during the year) and to finally get his teeth cleaned. Seemed easy enough. Baxter as always been a sweetheart at the vet and was one of the favorite cats at the clinic until now, and the simple visit turned into a 10 day quarantine after he decided to bite the vet tech! Ugh!

Back home we went and the trial trip on the boat was changed to a long weekend.

With the quarantine over and the vet tech not contracting rabies we scheduled Baxter to get his teeth cleaned. Again it seems so simple, drop him off, teeth get cleaned and we pick him up. Right? Wrong! Along with the cleaning Baxter had 5 teeth pulled! So, we got to bring home a “stoned” kitty (the first 48 hours we don’t think he ever shut his eyes, and wanted to eat everything in sight) that needed rest and meds for his mouth to heal. As any pet owner knows the guilt of knowing your furry child is in pain is overwhelming and we just couldn’t leave him and take a trip. Long weekend on the boat cancelled.

Finally able to check off “getting Baxter ready to move” from our list – it was time for the next HUGE step. Selling our home.

On August 30th we closed on the sale of our Condo. I was expecting to have mixed emotions at the closing. This was the home that Robin and I started our life in and personally it was the longest place I had ever lived (19 years) in one place. But instead of sadness all I felt was happiness. Happy that Robin and I were another step closer to reaching our goal, happy that I was carrying so many wonderful memories but most of all for the the new adventures that would be coming to our old home with Bernie, Lucas and Jessica.

While we had spent the last three months with our good friend Bernie living with us it was his time to become the home owner and start the next adventure in his new home. My wish for Bernie and his kids is that this home brings them as much happiness, amazing memories and love that Robin and shared on Ashby Ct.

Next up, September!