September, seriously?

August came and went so fast that our heads were spinning. Days filled with lunches, dinners and doctor appointments that when we finally came up for air it was September.

We had finally figured out that we would not be taking a “shake down” trip before leaving the docks for good. Making this decision did relieve some pressure of getting everything completed but at the same time added some concern, would all the new equipment be ready for a trip? Sadly, the need for more time with the to-do list was gone and we had fingers crossed everything would be fine.

As we inched closer to the end of September the Captain (Robin) finally said that we had to stop making plans off the boat and concentrate on making the move. We scheduled our “Open Boat” for friends and family to meet Wild Goat, made plans for our last trip to Clearwater to deliver items/car and fly back. On September 13 we moved onto Wild Goat for good, staying on the dock at Jefferson Beach Marina until the last details were done!

The last two weeks of September were a blur! Our “Open Boat” was AMAZING! Over two days friends and family came to meet Wild Goat and the love and support that we received from everyone was overwhelming. I do wonder sometimes how did we get so lucky?

Baxter moved in with Grandma and Grandpa and I’m not sure who was happier, Baxter or my parents! We made our trip to Florida and returned to Michigan on September 21st and knocked out a few more projects.

Finally! On Friday, September 27th we turned in my lease car, got a ride to the marina from my parents and left the dock!

After 5 years of planning and leaving almost 3 months later than expected Wild Goat headed south!

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