Wild Goat is off the Dock!

September 27th, 2019 we were off the dock, waving goodbye to my parents as we motored out of Jefferson Beach Marina and headed south down the Detroit River.

Our first day out turned out to be only a couple of hours and just a short distance to Wyandotte but we did it! We left the dock and started our trip.

The first couple days were really just a blur as we worked to find our rhythm in out new home and lifestyle. Our next goal was to get to the Erie Canal and transit our way thru before it closed on October 15th.

A couple of stops later and an overnight sail across Lake Erie we arrived in Buffalo, New York just as the weather turned from foggy to a full night of rain. The next morning we had a small window of dry weather and used the time to take down the sails and get ready to have the mast taken down at our next stop of Tonawanda, New York.

Let’s hope we have given ourselves enough time to transit the Erie Canal.

2 thoughts on “Wild Goat is off the Dock!”

  1. Congratulations Robin and Shari. All the very best as you embark on this amazing voyage. I will be looking forward to following your journey.

    1. Thank You!! We are having fun and getting this new life figure out. We will be in the Bahamas until the end of May and then heading back to Florida to store the boat for hurricane season and we will go to Clearwater to do some work on the condo. Hope everyone there is doing well. Take Care!

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