Don’t Give Up on Me Yet!

Please don’t give up on this blog yet, I haven’t I have just been busy. I know, busy doing what I’m retired. We have been on the boat for 5 months and still figuring out how this cruising life works.

I have decided the only way that I’m going to get this blog up to date is to give myself a due date. I know it sounds like I’m giving myself a job but it’s really just a way for

me to get my thoughts organized and made into posts.

Here’s the plan going forward. Since most of you that are reading the blog are friends that are on Facebook/Instagram and have been following our journey I’m going shorten the months of getting to the Bahamas to 4 posts with the highlights, low-lights and just some favorite pics. These post will be made between now on March 1st and then we will be caught up!

Coming up – Erie Canal, New York City and the ICW, Daytona, Thanksgiving and Family and Florida and the Jump to Bimini