Daytona, Thanksgiving and a Surprise Trip

After being towed to Daytona Marina we had some decisions to work out. We had already planned to be off the boat for a couple of weeks in November and had secured a slip in Stuart, Florida for Wild Goat and thought we would be making a trip to Clearwater, Florida to make sure the condo was ready for our renters.

Making plans is always a good thing but sometimes even the good ones need to be changed. So to take advantage of the prop needing to be repaired we figured why not just leave the boat in Daytona and surprise my family in Arizona by coming our for Thanksgiving! Plan B was in place – rent a car drive to Clearwater, spend time finishing up some loose ends, fly to Arizona for Thanksgiving and when we return to Daytona in about 2-3 weeks repair would be done and we would be on our way.

It was a GREAT plan! Loose ends tied up, condo cleaned and ready for Bob and Nancy. Trip to Arizona was amazing and we really enjoyed being with the family at this special time of year. Lots of good food, Zoo Lights, laughs and lots of love! Made our way back to Daytona ready to finish the trip and get to the Bahamas.

We got back to the boat on December 12th and the great plan blew up. She was not repaired and we had lost power which meant everything in the fridge was spoiled. Not sure which was worse the smell or the fact that the prop was still not fixed!

Apparently there had been a lack of communication and nothing got done. Not what we wanted to hear but things got moving, parts ordered and diver secured to install new prop. Once again we felt like things were back on track and we would be moving in a few days. Sadly, this would not be the case. Once the replacement parts arrived it was clear something was missing and the only way to solve the mystery was to haul the boat out. Not a horrible thing but just more $$$$

Wild Goat was hauled out on December 19th and the mystery was solved. More parts ordered and now we had to wait since we were getting close to the holidays. We used our time to visit with our friend Cecilia, run errands, crash the boatyards’ staff Christmas Party, more Christmas Lights and fluff the marina kitties. On Christmas Eve we received the best gift! Our prop had arrived!!!

On Christmas Day we motored out of Daytona Marina after what was only supposed to be 2 weeks and turned into 5 weeks.

We are getting closer to making the jump to the Bahamas!!

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